Upcoming Online Workshops 

This experimental drawing workshop explores the change in seasons, celebrating the biodiversity that can be seen in spring. This workshop is aimed at all abilities from complete beginners to the more experienced creative. 

18th March 5-6.30pm


Have you ever wondered how you can print an intaglio plate at home? Well, wait no longer! Learn how to do unconventional printmaking using a handy press. Working from drawings / images you will be guided through how to make a drypoint plate and print it at home incorporating coloured tissue paper. 

25th March 5-6.30pm


This workshop is a fun, experimental workshop using household and natural materials to produce exciting, bold prints. All you need is to forage outside for natural fallen leaves and then forage in the kitchen cupboards for a pasta maker and a tetra pack (for example an empty Oatly carton). You’ll learn how to make monoprints and use your pasta maker as a printing press

1st April 5-6.30pm 


Take part in all three of the above workshops and receive a discount. 

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