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Many opportunities exist within the urban landscape for artistic practices. My work explores the landscape, documenting social and historical significance's that are visible of being lost. Decaying architectural surface layers provide a trace and glimpse of our past history, fuelling my desire to visually record and document these transient states. The use of traditional printmaking processes  supports my vision in the subjects that I depict. The use of textures and marks are important as it helps express what my eyes witness in the urban landscape. The etching process requires an enforced decay whereby the acid bites into the copper plate, resonating with the natural decay of the structures that I record. By documenting crumbling forms, I hope to make society more aware of their direct environment and the history that we are losing from urban expansion and redevelopments. I hope people will slow down and properly consider subjects that too many of us would normally walk straight past and ignore.




Bankside Gallery, London.
27.7.20 - 27.9.20

Annual exhibition of original paintings and prints from RE and RWS members.

FRAGMENTS II - Online Exhibition

15 JUNE - 31 DEC 2020

A joint exhibition with Mark Lippett. 

Visit www.fragents-exhibition.com to view the virtual show.

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