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Artist Statement 

Today the world is losing its cultural heritage faster than it can be documented. While we should strive to preserve as much as possible of our collective past, we cannot save everything. One option is to document heritage before it is lost; this is where my practice comes into play.

Drawing underpins my work and informs my printmaking processes. With a love for intaglio and lithographic processes, and the connection that they have with our relationship with the environment; my work captures our fading heritage, offering us a portal into the past.

On the surface my prints may appear dark and gloomy, after all, they are my visual interpretation of decay and dereliction found in post-industrial landscapes. However, look more closely and you’ll notice that there is life within these ruins where mother nature has started to reclaim our waste lands and new ecosystems have started to emerge. 

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Awards and Grants

Awards and Grants


Elizabeth Greenshield Award, 2022

Clifford Chance Purchase Prize, 2022

DYCP Arts Council Grant, 2022

Shortlisted  for the RWA Works on Paper Prize  2020

Elizabeth Greenshield Award 2020

Arts Council Grant 2020

Elizabeth Greenshield Award 2019 

Eton Fund Grant 2019

Printmaking Today 'State of the Art Prize' 2018

People's choice Award at the Flourish Awards, 2018

Queen Elizabeth Scholarship Trust Award 2018​

Shortlisted for the Anthony Dawson Young Printmaker Award 2017

Danish International Arts Grant recipient, 2016  

Gane Trust Award, 2016 



 Royal Society of Painter Printmakers, based at Bankside Gallery 

 Heritage Craft Association

People of Print 

Bricks Bristol.


Earth Science, artist in residence, University of Bristol

Wirksworth Festival Artist in Residence, Derby, 2022

Funen Graphic Studio, Denmark, 2018 

Bristol Record Office - Artist in residence, 2016


Earth Art - Bristol University, 2022

Printmaking Research Fellow - City and Guilds of London art School 2018 -2020


MA in Multidisciplinary Printmaking 

BA Drawing for Fine Art practice 


Solo Exhibitions

Double Elephant, Exeter 2022
Remnants, HOURS Space, Bristol 2021
Lithographic Museum, Sweden, 2021 

Recent Group Exhibition

The Great Print Exhibition 8, Rheghed, Cumbria 2023

Out of the West, North House Gallery, Manningtree

Woolwich Contemporary Print Fair, London, 2022

RWA 169 Annual Open Exhibition, Bristol, 2022

Our Fading Heritage, Chapter 1, Nantgarw, 2022

Tarpey Open 2022, Derbyshire, 2022

London Original Print Fair, Somerset House, London, 2022

RE Originals, Bankside Gallery, London, 2022

Great Print Exhibition 7, Rheghed, Cumbria, 2022

Woolwich Contemporary Print Fair 2021

London Original Print Fair 2021

Hepworth Wakefield Print Fair 2021

Great Print Exhibition 6, Rheged, Cumbria, 2020

Woolwich Contemporary Print fair, 2020

168th Annual Open Exhibition, RWA,

Wales Contemporary, Waterfront Gallery,

Summer at the Bankside, Bankside Gallery, London, 2020.

London Original Print Fair, Royal Academy of Arts London 2020

The Fading City, The Hive Birmingham

The Great Print Exhibition 5, Rheged Centre, Cumbria, 2019

Woolwich Contemporary Print Fair, London

167th Annual Open Exhibition, RWA, Bristol 

Fragments, The Brewhouse Arts Center, Burton on Trent, 2019

Summer Exhibition 2019, Royal Academy of Arts, London

Exchange, Funen Graphic Studio, Denmark, 2019

RE Original's Exhibition, Bankside Gallery, London 2019

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