Artist statement 

Many opportunities exist within the urban landscape for artistic practices. My work explores the landscape, documenting social and historical significance's that are visible of being lost. Decaying architectural surface layers provide a trace and glimpse of our past history, fuelling my desire to visually record and document these transient states. The use of traditional printmaking processes  supports my vision in the subjects that I depict. The use of textures and marks are important as it helps express what my eyes witness in the urban landscape. The etching process requires an enforced decay whereby the acid bites into the copper plate, resonating with the natural decay of the structures that I record. By documenting crumbling forms, I hope to make society more aware of their direct environment and the history that we are losing from urban expansion and redevelopments. I hope people will slow down and properly consider subjects that too many of us would normally walk straight past and ignore.


London Original Print Fair 2021

Hepworth Wakefield Print Fair 2021

Great Print Exhibition 6, Rheged Centre, Cumbria, 2020

Woolwich Contemporary Print fair, 2020

168th Annual Open Exhibition, RWA,

Wales Contemporary, Waterfront Gallery, Summer at the Bankside, Bankside Gallery, London, 2020.

London Original Print Fair, Royal Academy of Arts London 2020

The Fading City, The Hive Birmingham

The Great Print Exhibition 5, Rheged Centre, Cumbria, 2019

Woolwich Contemporary Print Fair, London 167th Annual Open Exhibition, RWA, Bristol  Fragments, The Brewhouse Arts Center, Burton on Trent, 2019

Summer Exhibition 2019, Royal Academy of Arts, London

Exchange, Funen Graphic Studio, Denmark, 2019

RE Original's Exhibition, Bankside Gallery, London 2019

London Original Print Fair, Royal Academy of Arts, London 2019

Woolwich Contemporary Print Fair, London, 2018

166th Annual Open Exhibition, RWA Bristol 

Interruptions, 4o Print Fest, Athens

Flourish Award 2018, West Yorkshire Print Workshop

Edition 4, 44AD Artspace, Bath, 2018

Artbook Berlin, Kunstquartier Bethanien, 2017

Bristol to Odense, Christmas Steps Gallery, Bristol, 2017

Woolwich Contemporary Print Fair, London, 

165th Annual Open Exhibiton, RWA, Bristol National Open Print Exhibition, Bankside Gallery, London, 2017

Bristol meets Odense, Funen Graphic Studio, Denmark, 2017

BABE, Arnolfini, Bristol 2017

The Masters, Bankside Gallery, London 2016

164th Annual Open Exhibition, RWA, Bristol 2016

Edition 2, 44AD Artspace, Bath 2016

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Awards and grants

Shortlisted  for the RWA Works on Paper Prize  2020

Elizabeth Greenshield Award 2020

Arts Council Grant 2020

Elizabeth Greenshield Award 2019 

Eton Fund Grant 2019

Printmaking Today 'State of the Art Prize' 2018

People's choice Award at the Flourish Awards

Queen Elizabeth Scholarship 2018​Shortlisted for the Anthony Dawson Young Printmaker Award 2017

Danish International Arts Grant recipient  Gane Trust Award recipient 


 Royal Society of Painter Printmakers, based at Bankside Gallery 

 Heritage Craft Association

People of Print 

Bricks Bristol.


Funen Graphic Studio, Denmark 

Bristol Record Office - Artist in residence



MA in Multidisciplinary Printmaking 

BA Drawing for Fine Art practice