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Help me clear out my draws!
As a printmaker I generate quite a lot of proofs and test prints... I have draws full of experiments, colour tests, ones with mucky finger prints on, meaning I can't sell them. But yet, I hold on to them. 
 I'm going to offer these prints as studio seconds aka lucky dips.
How it works...
For £45+p&p you'll receive a small sized random print.
For £75+p&p you'll receive a medium sized random print.
For £145+p&p you'll receive a large size random print.
The print might be a lithograph, a monoprint or an etching. It won't be part of an edition, it will be an artist proof - A print that might be a bit wonky on the paper or it might have a finger smudge on it. It will be unique! 

 Offer ends Sunday the 27th arrive in time for Christmas! 

We don’t have any products to show here right now.

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